ATS Traffic Product Catalogue

We are excited to announce the new ATS Traffic product catalogues are available for view online, and as hard copy catalogues.  The new catalogue incorporates an array of our product offerings, as well as information about our services. 

View our print catalogue online or order a print copy today.

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ATS Traffic is Canada’s best choice for traffic control.

For over 50 years we’ve worked with businesses and communities to keep workers, drivers, and pedestrians safe on the roads. With locations across the country and over 15,000 products in our inventory, we keep people safe no matter where the road takes them. We want to do the same for you.

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Who We Help

We work with a wide range of customer groups in the traffic industry to get people home safely and on time.

Road Builders

Whatever you need, however long you need it, we can give you the tools you need to get the job done right.

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We believe even one accident is one too many, which is why we create systems to improve safety when students are travelling to and from school.

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We have a wide range of products for both sides of the terminal to improve vehicle, pedestrian, and airplane traffic flow.

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How We Help

We’ll use our consultative process to understand your problem and combine our wide range of products and services to develop the right solution.

We design a smart off-street parking system to improve traffic flow and make the most of your space.

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We design systems to keep people safe while they’re moving through intersections, crosswalks, school zones, and multi-way stops.

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When you’re building a bridge, overpass, or section of road, we protect drivers from hazards on and around the road.

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Our job is to help you do yours.


We stock the best of the best. We’re a 3M certified sign manufacturer and an exclusive supplier of several brands, including Ver-Mac.

View our print catalogue online or order a print copy.

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We’re the traffic experts, and we like a challenge. We can work with you to solve any problem, no matter how long or difficult the project.

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