Creating Safer Communities

Our mission as an organization is to get people home safely every day. We believe that creating safer communities starts with addressing high risk areas for vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, and our goal is to ensure that your community has the best possible technology based on your budget.

That is why ATS Traffic is pleased to offer our customers a free 90-day trial for PLB Solar Bollard Lights by First Light Technologies!

These architectural solar illuminated bollards combine unequaled solar powered performance in a self-contained, high quality design. Ideal for a variety of architectural and commercial pathway applications, the PLB incorporates First Light’s Solar Lighting Controller (SLC) that allows the light to predictively adapt to its surroundings, providing an unmatched level of lighting performance and reliability. 



Access your Free 90-Day Trial!

If you are interested in participating in the 90-day free trial for PLB Solar Bollard Lights by First Light Technologies, please fill out the contact form below. Once you have filled in the form, we will reach out to you to discuss next steps for your free trial! Terms and conditions may apply. 

Terms & Conditions: ATS Traffic will provide a detailed quote you prior to implementation of the free trial, including installation, for acceptance and approval. If at the end of the 90-day term it is deemed not feasible for the community, ATS Traffic will remove the system at no charge. If the community decides the system is the right fit we will invoice for the amount agreed upon at the quoting stage.