As the only Ver-Mac product supplier in western Canada, we have access to the industry’s latest electrical and solar technology. We use arrow boards, signs, crossing signals, light towers, and other advanced technologies to create smart work zones and intelligent transportation systems. These systems are designed to capture information, interpret it, and communicate with the public to change the flow of traffic.

Whether you need them to be fixed or portable, we can configure systems for your community or work zone. We can also install, manage, and repair your systems as needed. Our goal is to create largely autonomous systems that operate with as little day-to-day management as possible. Contact us today and find out how our products can work for your needs.

Traffic Detection Systems

Detection and counting devices track drivers, pedestrians, and even animals in motion. We use products like cycle counters, pedestrian counters, license plate recognition, and stop bar detection to create feedback systems. These systems register motion and trigger resulting actions, such as alerting drivers when a caribou is crossing a highway.

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Data Collection

Our data collection products can gather and store real-time information about time-of-day activity like driver speed, traffic congestion, and queue formation. In an ITS (smart) work zone, our systems can work with various devices, including iPhone or Bluetooth, to collect data and give drivers advance warning.

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Pre-emption Systems

Pre-emption systems combine onboard systems and traffic light vehicle sensors to give priority access to transit and emergency service vehicles. In time-sensitive situations, the system will detect that the vehicle is approaching an intersection and give them a green light while halting other traffic.

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Boards & Trailers

We use temporary and permanent message boards for more than just static alerts. Our advanced queue warning systems use Bluetooth and WiFi to collect information from and about vehicles. If it’s taking longer than normal for vehicles to travel a certain distance, you can alert drivers to change their plans.

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Parking Systems

With our arsenal of winter-ready products, you can create a custom parking system that includes access control, messaging, payment, vehicle counting, and enforcement. We do more than just sales, though: we can also commission and maintain your on-street or off-street system.

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Crossing Safety

We can build complete systems for permanent or temporary crosswalks with top brands like Carmanah, Novax, and JSF Technologies. Our product inventory includes signs, buttons, flashers, sensors, and everything else needed to help people safely cross a road. We even have audible systems and wheelchair sensors for less mobile pedestrians.

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