Detection and counting devices track drivers, pedestrians, and even animals in motion. We use products like cycle counters, pedestrian counters, license plate recognition, and stop bar detection to create feedback systems.

These systems register motion and trigger resulting actions, such as alerting drivers when a caribou is crossing a highway. They’re especially important for getting emergency response and public transit vehicles through intersections, which improves safety and reduces the risk of disastrous delays.

We can integrate any of the systems below with Ver-Mac message boards to communicate the information you gather. For example, if a driver is travelling over the speed limit, your system can detect it and trigger the board with a message to slow down. If traffic is moving more slowly, the board can alert drivers of the delay and tell them how long it’ll take to reach their destination.


Global Traffic Technologies

GTT designs the Opticom emergency and transit vehicle pre-emption systems. These help police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and buses get through busy intersections more quickly while reducing the risk of accidents. They also manufacture the Canoga Traffic Sensing system, which detects a vehicle’s speed, class, and count to help you plan construction and improve traffic flow.


Houston Radar

Houston Radar designs and manufactures K-Band Doppler radar devices to detect vehicles in motion and measure speed. We carry a full range of options for different applications and price points. Their products are widely used for speed awareness signs and trailers, vehicle-activated traffic calming signs, and speed-triggered stop signs.


Trafficware specializes in researching, designing, and developing electronic equipment and enterprise software to reduce travel time, increase safety and positively affect our quality of life.



Smartmicro traffic sensors use 3D object-tracking radar to detect vehicles and bikes. We carry a range of Smartmicro products, including stop bar and advance detection, vehicle counting and classification, and red light and speed cameras.


Trigg Industries

Trigg builds over-height vehicle detection systems, including detectors, warning signs, alarms, mounting poles, and accessories. We offer a range of technical options for almost any situation where drivers need to know about vehicle height restrictions.



Novax designs efficient, long-lasting electronic systems to help drivers and pedestrians interact safely. Their product line includes audible signals, traffic control devices, and priority systems for transit and emergency vehicles.



DataCollect’s primary product is eTube Bike, a bicycle detection system. Its self-powered sensor and receiver station communicate wirelessly, and its onboard GPRS makes it easy to access data from a distance. The system is simple to install, and with its low-power design and solar power options, the eTube Bike can operate year-round.



TRAFx designs systems to collect, analyze, and share traffic information, especially in remote areas. Each system can be equipped with vehicle, infrared trail, mountain bike, and off-highway vehicle counters. These systems are used by government agencies and research groups around the world to conduct studies and manage public spaces.