No matter what the setting, wayfinding helps direct visitors in motion to their destinations. It’s a visitor’s first and last point of contact with multiple points throughout a public or natural space such as hotels, hospitals, car parks or campuses. It also helps shape their opinion of you. When you work with us, we can make this opinion a positive one by connecting visitors in motion with the heart of your environment.

Some companies design a sign to look great and pay less attention to how well it works. A sign has to look great and fulfill its purpose as a sign so people can use it to get where they need to go. We can achieve both goals at once.

Because of our role in the Highway Tourism Signage program, we have years of experience designing effective, easy-to-produce wayfinding systems across massive areas. We’re the experts on informing and directing people to their destinations. We’re also a full-service marketing and design company that creates beautiful, functional, well-built creative wayfinding signs. Work with us, and we’ll make sure your visitors can see and do everything you have to offer.


When we build wayfinding systems, it isn’t just a single sign: it’s multiple pieces that fit together to take people to their destination. That’s why we experience your setting for ourselves. The process for wayfinding never changes, only the environment. Whether it’s a store, a trail system, an entire town, or a downtown area like what we did for the City of Prince Albert’s downtown Wayfinding Project, we explore it to understand everywhere people might want to go.

Next we map the environment and design the signs. Some companies’ first instinct is to use as many directional signs as possible. We prefer to use as few signs as we can so the setting feels untouched yet organized. We also keep all information concise and universally understandable. This often involves using common symbols and terms.

We design the sign to fit within the environment and within your budget. You may want the design to incorporate your environment with wood, stone, metal, or other materials. If you’d like, we can also propose a design that’s faster to assemble, less expensive, and more durable . If you use our in-stock products, like 3M aluminum or wood, we can use our international buying power to get you a better rate.

Sign Manufacturing

We use an electrostatic system for painting and dipping, do individual screen printing, and over-laminate our signs. We also have the best etching process in the business. Our sign manufacturing process takes more time and effort, but our signs look sharper, shine brighter, and last longer.

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Sign Installation

We carry a wide range of mounting options for signs of all shapes and sizes, including posts, bases, stands, brackets, mounts, and more. Whether your sign is going onto the shoulder, above a busy highway, or somewhere in between, we can install wayfinding signs wherever you need it.

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WarrantyIcon@2xSignage Warranty & Repair

Our aluminum wayfinding signs are protected by 3M’s Diamond Grade warranty for up to 10 years. Everything else is covered under our standard maintenance agreement. If the sign doesn’t stand up to normal conditions as promised, we’ll repair or replace it free of charge. Whatever it’s made of, wherever it’s placed, your sign will do its job for as long as you need it.

Municipal Wayfinding Program

The best wayfinding comes from a team who can guide you through the entire process. That’s why ATS Traffic and Habit have combined their expertise to help create safe, vibrant, and inclusive communities through the Municipal Wayfinding Program.

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