Priority Control Pre-Emption Systems

Traffic preemption systems combine onboard systems and traffic light vehicle sensors to give priority access to transit and emergency service vehicles. In time-sensitive situations, the system will detect that the vehicle is approaching an intersection and give them a green light while halting other traffic. Priority flow control allows vehicles within a busy municipality to move safer and faster without causing major congestion or confusion.

Signal Priority

A traffic signal pre-emption system gives the power of strategical decision making and traffic coordination to you, which is supported by innovative technology that executes efficient traffic preemption actions.

When vehicles stop at a traffic light, the software built into the intersection system is automated to react to changing flow. With traffic signal sensors and in-built priority control systems, you can control traffic light functions and claim priority as necessary.

When you have a lively city booming with all kinds of traffic, right of way can get confusing for transit and emergency vehicles. A passing train could be coming through an intersection, which requires all road users to stop and remain alert. Transit signal priority keeps this area in check, allowing controlled access and exits for oncoming transit systems to remain operational.

IntelliTrafik Solutions

  • Global Traffic Technologies (GTT)

GTT designs the Opticom emergency and transit vehicle pre-emption systems. These help police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and buses get through busy intersections more quickly while reducing the risk of accidents. They also manufacture the Canoga Traffic Sensing system, which detects a vehicle’s speed, class, and count to help you plan construction and improve traffic flow.

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