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ATS & Vision Zero

                     ATS TRAFFIC & VISION ZERO
                     We have been leaders in the traffic safety industry for over 50 years, helping businesses and communities
                     create safer roads for all.

                     Our business was founded on the idea of creating a more innovative product, but more importantly,
                     a safer product. What began as a safer solution to a primitive kerosene pot for hazard delineation,
                     evolved into what we have become today: a national company with locations in five Canadian provinces
                     and over 300 employees. We have continued to grow and evolve with the technological advances in road
                     safety, and we are always looking for new ways to improve and give back to our local communities.
                     We got word of a road safety strategy that was having a significant impact, and we wanted to get involved.
                     Vision Zero, originally developed in Sweden in the 1990’s, is a road safety strategy that follows one
                     simple principle: no loss of life is acceptable. It is founded on the idea that human error on the road is
                     inevitable, therefore we must design roadways to protect the vulnerabilities of road users. Vision Zero
                     involves engineering, education, enforcement, engagement, and evaluation. With significant success
                     across Europe, and commitments from various North American cities, Vision Zero is gaining momentum
                     on a global scale.

                     ATS Traffic’s commitment to Vision Zero is a natural extension of what we do every single day: get people
                     home safely. That’s why we founded the Vision Zero Advocate Institute, a global community for Vision
                     Zero resources, tools, and people that can share knowledge and expertise on how to make the goal of
                     Vision Zero a reality.

                                              MISSION               MISSION

                                     To get people home safely      To reduce traffic-related
                                                    every day.      fatalities and injuries to zero.

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