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Vision Zero Advocate Institute

                     The goal of the Vision Zero Advocate Institute is to inform and educate on the successful adoption
                     and implementation of Vision Zero. The Institute, supported by ATS Traffic, is a global community for
                     Vision Zero resources, tools, and people that can share knowledge and expertise on how to make
                     the goal of Vision Zero a reality.


                         Join the Vision Zero Advocate Institute in the elimination of traffic fatalities
                         and serious injuries. Developed through extensive research, the Vision Zero
                               Advocate Institute represents a shift in traffic safety, worldwide.

                                                           Proven programming to accelerate
                                                           Vision Zero implementation.

                                                           The Vision Zero Advocate Program is comprehensive, using
                                                           seven steps to support municipalities and corporations
                                                           throughout the integration of Vision Zero into their traffic
                                                           safety planning. We have met with the experts, developed
                                                           the technique and rely on the research. We make it easy so
                                                           that you can make a difference.

                                                           Help make Vision Zero a reality:

                                                           1.    Learn more at
                                                           2.    Subscribe for exclusive updates
                                                           3.    Book a free Starter Session with one of our expert coaches
                                                           4.    Become a member of the Vision Zero Advocate Institute

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