The most readable LED signs on the market – built with high-quality components such as LEDs specially designed for road traffic and a unique constant current modular power system that eliminates flickering. Orange Traffic’s advance lane control signs also enable energy cost savings because they consume up to 90% less electricity than conventional fibre optic signs. Furthermore, their components are designed to facilitate installation, maintenance and upgrading and therefore lower operating costs. Orange Traffic offers an array of standard LED panels and several messages can be combined in a single panel. Thanks to their modular design, these panels are easily adaptable to your requirements.

Orange Traffic LED Intermittent Railroad Crossing Sign

Intermittent railroad crossing signs are used to indicate that certain manoeuvres are allowed or forbidden when a train is travelling in an intersection or at a level crossing. They are highly visible and can be used to forbid manoeuvres in certain situations and can therefore ensure optimal traffic flow and direct road users during the passing of trains through simple and easy-to-read messages.

Orange Traffic Variable Speed Limit Sign

Displaying clear speed limits near school zones is crucial to ensure the safety of schoolchildren while maintaining smooth traffic flow. Orange Traffic therefore designed a variable speed limit sign equipped with dual yellow flashing lights specifically for use in school zones.

Orange Traffic OPEN/CLOSED – LED Lane Control Sign

LED signs specially designed for road use. Orange Traffic’s OPEN/CLOSED LED road signs are designed to indicate whether a roadway, for example a weigh station or a stretch of road, is accessible or not.

Orange Traffic LED Customizable Road Sign

Orange Traffic’s LED road signs enable you to post clear customized messages or pictograms.

Orange Traffic “(RED) SIGNAL AHEAD” Advance Traffic Light Warning Road Sign

“(RED) SIGNAL AHEAD” advance warning signs warn road users of upcoming traffic lights and also indicate when the light is about to turn red—enabling users of the road to prepare to stop their vehicles.

Orange Traffic Blank Out Lane Control Sign

Orange Traffic’s lane control signs are designed to clearly indicate to road users which lanes they must take. They can be used to reinforce a permanent message or to change lane use depending on the time of day or traffic conditions. The goal is to ensure optimal traffic flow and efficient road use.

Orange Traffic LED Blank Out Sign

Orange Traffic’s intermittent road signs are designed to clearly indicate authorized vehicle manoeuvres at intersections and on roadways. For example, they can be used to remind road users that left turns are forbidden. The sign is lit according to conditions and times to quickly indicate to road users if they are allowed to turn or not and thus avoid the confusion that can stem from indicating when turns are forbidden on the same sign or a separate sign.

Orange Traffic Lit LED Road Signs

Orange Traffic’s lit LED road signs are designed to convey clear and context-based messages at strategic locations in the road network. These panels can serve to issue location-specific safety messages (e.g., use of reserved lanes or turning restrictions according to intersection configurations). Messages can be displayed permanently or activated in keeping with conditions, intersection timings or predetermined schedules.

Orange Traffic LED Blank Out Sign – No Parking

LED No Parking Signs ensure an equitable use of roadways according to users’ needs and the configuration of traffic lanes.