Traffic Equipment & Road Sign Rentals

If your project or special event lasts a few days or weeks, but less than 170 days, renting equipment is a better solution than buying your own. It gives you the opportunity to try the latest traffic safety products without committing to an expensive purchase. If you don’t like something, you can always bring it back. Buying, maintaining, storing, moving equipment from job to job and insuring the equipment can cost more than renting if you use it less than 75 percent of the time. If you already own some equipment, renting will allow you to fill in the gaps on those projects where your existing fleet just might not be the right equipment for the job.

Renting is also one of your most cost-effective options as it allows you to conserve your capital for other projects and opportunities. By writing off construction equipment rentals you can increase your borrowing power. Rental equipment does not show as a liability on the balance sheet, which will allow you to show better assets-to-liabilities ratio.

Why Rent?

To get the right equipment for the job. A one size fits all strategy can cost more over the course of a project. By renting the equipment needed for specific jobs, you can ensure that you have the exact equipment needed to get the job done in a correct and timely manner.

Traffic Equipment and Signage Available for Rent:

We have many products available for rent as shown in our catalogue (indicated by an “R”) but some of the more popular ones for Lane Closures include:

Traffic Trailers

  • Urban – 4880 Mini Message Boards
  • Urban – 548 Small Message Boards
  • Urban/Highways – 320 Medium Message Boards
  • Highways – 1210 Large Message Boards
  • Highways – 1500 Large Message Boards
  • Urban/Highways – 4825 Arrow Boards
  • Solar Camera Trailers/Security Trailers
  • Radar Board Trailers
  • Radar Speed Sign Trailers
  • Variable Speed Limit Sign

Find out more about our traffic trailers and message boards.

Traffic Lights

  • Small Trolley Mounted Traffic Lights
  • Medium Trailer Mounted Traffic Lights
  • Large Overhead Trailer Mounted Traffic Lights

Find out more about our advanced lighting technology.

Signage & Delineation

  • Provincial Work Zone Signage
  • Work Zone Sign Stands
  • Work Zone Barricades – Highway
  • Work Zone Barricades – Urban
  • Work Zone Delineation

Find out more about our advanced Signage technology.