Installation Services

We have the expertise and scalability to tackle any project. At ATS Traffic, we have certified local teams of Installation Technicians that ensure TAC/regional specifications are met, project timelines are honoured, and the highest safety standards are exhibited. Our team is experienced in the installation of all the high-quality road safety and infrastructure products we carry. We also know signage well, and we do everything from manufacturing the sign, to assembling the structure, to installing it in the ground. Our experienced Project Management and Estimating team offers quality support and knowledge, ensuring that the potential of your project is maximized and well-organized.


Signage  |  Permanent Barriers & End Treatments  |  Lane Closures  |  Pedestrian Safety  |  Pavement & Parking Lot Markings  |  Delineation


ATS Traffic installations can improve the safety, presentation and functionality of community spaces with illumination, crosswalk beacons, and more.


ATS Traffic can identify & install commercial property solutions including parking, signage, wayfinding, security, and more.


Our infrastructure solutions include guardrail and barrier options, along with asphalt repair, road line painting, pile driving, highway sign setup, and work zone projects.


We can install small, medium, and large roadside signs, parking lot signage, and wood signs. Our team have experience installing a wide variety of support infrastructure including piles and fasteners for cantilever structures and large overhead spans (such as highway road signage).

Traffic Signs

We’re your one-stop shop for temporary and permanent traffic signs of every shape and size. We can design, manufacture, deliver, install, warranty, and even maintain a custom inventory of signs just for your business. Our inventory includes mounting systems, hardware, and all kinds of options for every product we sell.

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Sign Supports

Our wide range of mounting options supports signs of every shape and size, no matter where they are.

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Permanent Barriers & End Treatments

Permanent barriers are installed on shoulders and medians to redirect vehicles in a collision. Because they’re intended to be permanent, these will last years before needing to be replaced. Our team installs W-Beam and Thrie Beam which meet MASH TL-3, high-tension cable barriers, and impact-resistant crash-tested end treatments.

Crash Attenuation

When you’re building a bridge, overpass, or section of road, we protect drivers from hazards on and around the road.

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Barrier Guard 800

BarrierGuard 800

BarrierGuard 800 provides portable protection at work zones and provides the highest level of protection (TL-4) available with cost effective transportation and rapid installation.

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Lane Closures

People can always tell when a lane closure was done by ATS. We’re thorough, we use the right amount of equipment, and our products are always in top working condition. Our crew is also equipped with all the right tools for the job, including fully outfitted crash trucks for high-speed, high-volume roads, smart technology, and expert traffic control people.

Traffic Control Set Up for Lane Closures

Our in-house experts can do whatever it takes to close lanes in any situation, including sales, rentals, labour, traffic movement, and more.

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Pedestrian Safety

We install and commission everything from basic residential crosswalks to busy city intersections, complete with wired or solar systems using poles, lights, and controllers. Our remotely programmable crosswalk and school zone beacons collect and monitor data while enhancing pedestrian safety. Solar powered bollards and lamps can offer self-contained, sustainable illumination to low-light areas.


Crosswalk enhancements including flashing beacons, pedestrian push button & APS, and illuminated overhead signs.

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School Zone Beacons

Carmanah’s MX Series flashing beacons flash only when reduced speeds are in effect.

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Solar Lighting

Solar bollards & luminaries help communities make their public spaces safe, accessible, and sustainable. We have solar options for every application. 

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Pavement & Parking Lot Markings

Expertly applied road and parking lot markings, suitable for high traffic areas and tested in all climates.

Road Markings

Our inventory of temporary and permanent road marking products includes paints, pin flags, stake chasers, and line stripers.

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Expertly applied road and parking lot delineation.


We carry a range of delineators, bollards, channelizers, and other devices to keep people safe in any situation.

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