Sign Post Supports & Stands

We carry a wide range of mounting options for signs of all shapes and sizes. For all your traffic sign support needs, we will make sure that quality and value are priority. No matter where your sign is being placed on the road, ATS Traffic has all the support options you need to ensure proper installment and maintenance of traffic signs.  


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What are Sign Stands and Supports?

Traffic signage often requires reinforcement to stay grounded and attached together as a solid unit. Not all signs are created equal. The same goes for sign stands and support systems. ATS Traffic has several options for supporting your signage, whether it’s a standard ground mount sign or a complex cantilever sign structure.



Sign Stands

For something more temporary and mobile, some of the signs we sell can rest on durable, foldable, metal a-frame stands. Visit our online store to choose from a variety of these and other types of sign stands that are tested and trusted by ATS Traffic customers.

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Sign Posts

Road posts range in different sizes and shapes, which include designs such as U channel, square and round sign posts, marker posts, fence posts and reflective sign post inserts to name a few. Our online store also features the mounting hardware and bases for all of our sign posts.

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Post Bases

To maintain rigidity and solid posture with the ground, a post base gives a traffic sign a solid foundation and a little extra security. Concrete post bases as well as base plates can provide extra stability and versatility for your post installation. Post bases make sure that your sign stays firmly planted where it is supposed to.

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Street Sign Mounts and Brackets

Street sign mounts are used for multiple purposes depending on the type of sign and post. There are many kinds of street sign mounts such as top mounts, couplers, and brackets. Each are generally used as means for attaching and protecting the sign from external forces. Mounts also help keep the street sign itself attached and secure together as a unified system.

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