Traffic detection & data collection can provide valuable insights about traffic infrastructure, improve traffic systems, and identify specific flaws to improve traffic safety.

Traffic detection & data collection is a crucial aspect of transportation planning and management. Information about vehicular movements & behavior and traffic density can provide valuable insights for traffic engineers, urban planners, and decision-makers. Details such as traffic volume, vehicle types, speeds, and congestion patterns help identify transportation needs and evaluate network efficiency. 

Traffic Detection & Data Applications

  • Congestion Management: Identifying bottlenecks and optimizing traffic flow.
  • Safety Improvements: Identifying and mitigating accident-prone areas.
  • Transportation Modeling: Developing accurate traffic models.
  • Infrastructure Planning: Designing roads, intersections, and public transit systems. 

Traffic Detection Systems

Traffic detection devices can provide valuable insight on vehicle counts, movement patterns, road usage, and more. We also have smart sensors – monitor air quality, noise level, and more.

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Driver Feedback Signs

Driver Feedback (DFB) signs are an effective tool in decreasing speeds in urban communities, on highways, in school zones, construction sites or special events.

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Micro Sensors

Micro sensors can provide video surveillance, speed enforcement, vehicle counting and classification, as well as air quality, noise, and other data. 

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Data Collection Services

ATS Traffic has the technological capabilities and expertise to gather data and convert it to an efficient traffic solution that will enhance your infrastructure. We have the knowledge and experience to give you exactly the traffic data you need. 


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