We’ve been closing lanes and detouring traffic for over 30 years. Our crews have the experience to handle every area of service, whether it’s for road construction or for a special event in your community. Every component, from sales and rentals to labor and traffic movement, is handled in house by the ATS team.

We’ll meet with you on site to talk about your needs, then pass on that information to our in-house traffic control team. They in turn will use our AutoCAD systems to create a road placement blueprint for the closure. Depending on where you’re located and if it’s necessary, we can also create a traffic accommodation strategy (TAS) and submit it to the appropriate government. If the plan is approved, we can move forward.

We provide a combination of consulting, renting, and maintenance, and we do each of them very well. When you work with us, every detail is taken care of. We also provide redirecting and flagging services, including the people needed to man the site. We can check your site regularly and stay as long as you need us to make sure the tender is followed to the letter.

We sell our safety and expertise with every lane closure. Drivers don’t know one item from another till they crash into it, but workers feel safer knowing the right equipment stands between them and oncoming traffic. When you work with us, you’ll feel safer, too.