Since 1966, ATS Traffic has successfully managed traffic detours and any type of road closure with our traffic control set up services including municipal lane closures, highway closures, and construction road closures.

Our team of experts have the experience to handle every area of traffic control set up service, whether it’s for an event in your community that would require traffic control measures including set up for safe and efficient lane closures, traffic equipment installation services or on-call emergency traffic control. Every component, from sales and rentals to labor and traffic movement, is handled in house by the ATS team of experts.

For your lane closure needs, ATS Traffic assures that your project is managed and completed respecting the highest of industry standards and regulations. At ATS Traffic, you are guaranteed the safest solution using our industry-leading equipment that is sustainable and cost-effective for your project.

Traffic Control Set Up for Your Project

Traffic control set up varies for every project. Our ATS Traffic Safety Experts will meet with your team on site to discuss your needs then pass on all necessary information to our in-house traffic control team: Project Management, Design, Estimation, Installation, On-Street Services.

We use our AutoCAD systems to create a road placement blueprint for the closure. Depending on where your project is located, we can also create a Traffic Accommodation Strategy (TAS) and submit it to the appropriate government if necessary. One the plan is approved; we move forward with designing your Lane Closure project.

Lane Closures Traffic Control

Who Can Set Up Traffic Control Measures?

Lane Closure Set Up

ATS Traffic provides project consulting, traffic equipment rentals, and maintenance of equipment. When you work with ATS Traffic, every detail is taken care of. In addition, we provide redirecting and flagging services, including the traffic control personnel needed to man the site and the new Ver-Mac Automated Flagger Assistance Device.

Your site is regularly surveyed and maintained to ensures lane closures and traffic detours are safe for your workers while efficiently managing traffic flow and avoiding traffic delays. At ATS Traffic, our experts ensure that all projects adhere to municipal and regional regulations. When you choose to work with ATS Traffic, together, we will get people home safe.