Micro sensors can provide video surveillance, speed enforcement, vehicle counting and classification, as well as air quality, noise, and other data. 


SmartLinx micro-sensors are an innovative technology that can easily launch a smart city with low cost and low risk on existing public streetlights that have a NEMA receptacle. The micro-sensors allow for tool-less installation of various smart city sensors such as speed, air quality, noise, traffic, and other smart city/grid solutions. The SmartLinx solution can provide video surveillance, real-time speed enforcement and roadway safety programming, high accuracy counting and classifications of bicycles, pedestrians, and vehicles. SmartLinx micro-sensors are durable, compact, easy to install, and provide automated reporting.


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Real-time speed enforcement and data collection.


Air quality monitoring and data collection.


Real-time pollution monitoring and data collection.


Real-time acoustic monitoring and data collection.


High accuracy counting and classification of bicycles, pedestrians, and vehicles at a mid-block street location.


Easy, affordable video surveillance wherever street lights are located.