Cubic Transportation Systems Partners with IntelliTrafik, a Division of ATS Traffic

The partnership expands Cubic’s reach across Canada, offers a broad range of innovative transport and traffic management solutions

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – October 03, 2022Cubic Transportation Systems (Cubic) today announces a new partnership with IntelliTrafik, a division of ATS Traffic, to expand the company’s reach across Canadian provinces and agencies to provide a broad range of innovative traffic management and intelligent transportation solutions.

Beginning this October, the partners will work together to identify opportunities where Cubic’s ITS solutions, along with IntelliTrafik’s local expertise, can be utilized by road authorities, municipalities, and contractors across Canada to improve the travel and mobility experience of Canadian road users.

“We are pleased to be working with IntelliTrafik, an established leader in Canadian transportation technology, to better serve the intelligent transport market with the full breadth of Cubic’s product portfolio,” said Eric Jacques, Senior Manager of ITS Sales, Cubic. “As the market leader in surface transportation

Eric Jacques, Senior Manager of ITS Sales, Cubic
Eric Jacques, Senior Manager of ITS Sales, Cubic (Left) with Steve Ennis, Executive VP IntelliTrafik (Right)

management, our executives and technicians in the region will work seamlessly to provide solutions that contribute to safe and reliable journeys for all commuters while also enabling transportation authorities and agencies to manage usage demands across the entire transportation network.”


Announced this week during the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Conference & Exhibition in Edmonton, the partnership also underscores Cubic’s commitment to mitigating climate change, a key theme at the event. As an example, Cubic’s SynchroGreen adaptive signal control technology optimizes traffic signals in real-time, based on traffic conditions and unpredictable surges in congestion. This reduces the number of vehicle stops, idle times and overall travel times, as well as reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption, thus contributing to environmental stewardship.

“The IntelliTrafik and Cubic partnership represents a truly synergetic and symbiotic move that will only benefit our Canadian customers and road users,” said Steve Ennis, Executive VP, IntelliTrafik – a division of ATS Traffic. “The intersection is becoming more important than ever before and we share the mutual commitment to improving Canadian intersections, both from a safety and mobility perspective. Together, our teams will collaborate on the design, install and servicing of data-driven, connected smart intersections.”
The collaboration with IntelliTrafik will also provide Cubic with key relationships and a robust local supply chain. Additionally, IntelliTrafik’s geography-specific expertise in local jurisdictions and other insights will assist Cubic executives in navigating customer engagements to deliver innovative solutions.

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