Welcome to the Traffic Intel Podcast

Hop on the ride as our host Steve Ennis and his wide array of guests and experts take you on an epic journey to talk about transportation, traffic control, technology, and much more! Tune in to our podcast to find out more about self-driving cars, LiDAR cameras, SMART Cities, and other innovative applications brought you by ATS Traffic and IntelliTrafik.

Traffic Intel Podcast – Latest Episodes


Episode 3: LiDAR-based Asset Identification and Inventorying (Feat. Dr. Suliman Gargoum)

Host Steve Ennis and co-founder of Nektar 3D Suliman Gargoum, PhD talk about the dynamic applications of LiDAR technology and how it is transforming the way we view our environment as road users. Listen as we discuss:

  • How LiDAR sensors on self-driving cars create 3D representations of surrounding environments
  • The difference between aerial, mobile, and terrestrial LiDAR 
  • How computer vision and statistical pattern recognition tools automate the process of asset identification
  • The future of transportation: “The Jetsons” with flying pods?


Episode 2: The Eyes of the Intersection (Feat. Asad Lesani)

Host Steve Ennis and CEO of Bluecity Asad Lesani talk about how artificial intelligence and lidar sensors are used to make transportation safer for road users. Listen as we discuss:

  • How traffic intersection technology has evolved 
  • The world of autonomous vehicles 
  • Making cities safer and smarter with innovative technology 

Episode 1: Adaptive Traffic Systems (Feat. Sawyer Breslow)

Host Steve Ennis and Sawyer Breslow of Rhythm Engineering talk about how adaptive technology is improving communities and road networks. Listen as we discuss:

  • How these technology systems address the safety of all road users
  • Introduction to adaptive traffic technology including benefits and optimization capabilities
  • Environmental impacts, such as emission reduction resulting from intersection improvement