Tacoma, Washington (June 12, 2023) – ATS Traffic Ltd., Canada’s leading traffic safety provider, specializing in custom work zone solutions, sign manufacturing and intelligent transportation systems, partners with Tacoma-based traffic control company, Advanced Government Services (AGS).

For the first time in their history, ATS Traffic has expanded into the United States. The company has had their sights set south of the Canadian border for a long time, particularly the Pacific Northwest region.

“The foundation of this new partnership is our shared commitments to safety, innovation, customer service, and community,” said Bobby Cantera, CEO at ATS Traffic. “ATS Traffic will continue to push the boundaries of our industry, adopting new technology and delivering consistent service to our customers across North America.“

AGS is spreading its wings and their reach in the traffic industry. With over two decades of experience in the trade, AGS is ready to take this monumental step forward. Now, with support from one of North America’s leading traffic safety providers, ATS Traffic, AGS will continue its expansion and reach new heights with their strong reputation in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

“It’s an exciting time for us,” said Arti O’Brien, President of AGS. “We’re eager to grow together and forge a reciprocal relationship that will ultimately create exponential growth and deliver a new standard of road safety solutions to the region.” Arti will continue to lead as the President for AGS in Pacific Northwest.

This partnership, consisting of two industry leaders, will bring about new tailored offerings, increased capacity to deliver services, and streamlined customer engagement for AGS customers in the region. As ATS Traffic is now solidifying a permanent footprint in the United States, and with AGS at their side, it serves as an opportunity for business development and growth in a new, competitive playing field in the traffic industry.

There will be more exciting announcements to come in the next few months as operational integration ramps up.



About ATS Traffic Ltd.

Since 1966, ATS Traffic helps organizations and communities keep workers, motorists, and pedestrians safe on our roads. With 9 locations across Canada and over 15,000 products in our inventory, ATS Traffic designs and implements customized safety solutions for traffic control, on-street services, and work zones for specific industries and project scopes. As a 3M™ Authorized Fabricator and Certified Digital Fabricator, ATS Traffic is Canada’s leading sign and barricade manufacturer as well as an award-winning provider of installation services, consulting, procurement and logistics, asset management, ITS solution architecture, and drafting and design services.