Pedestrian Safety Equipment – Ontario

ATS Traffic is a preferred distributor for Carmanah in Ontario

Carmanah’s MX Series is the next step in pedestrian safety traffic technology- effective, connected systems that keep people safe. ATS Traffic can help build a package that meets any budgetary, safety, and data collection requirements for your city, community, or school.

Carmanah’s Crosswalk and School Zone Systems are the simplest, most affordable way to monitor, control, and gather data from traffic systems. Enhanced connectivity provides heightened system awareness, time and cost savings, and enhanced citizen safety.

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For a limited time, all MX Series systems qualify for a 90-day free trial


Purchases of an MX Series system also come with 3 years free access to MX Lite – Carmanah’s remote connectivity plan. MX Lite provides:

  • Out-of-the-box connectivity
  • System alerts
  • Remote access management with GPS map view
  • MX Cloud – access system status, settings, and data from anywhere
  • MX Field App – setup and make changes with iOS/Android app
  • Easy installation

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Ontario School Zone Signs

In Ontario, school zones are designated areas surrounding schools that experience high foot traffic from students. These zones are protected by strict driving rules and traffic signs. As a responsible driver, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to these regulations.

ATS Traffic offers a range of school zone signs, including:

  • School Zone Sign: This fluorescent, five-sided sign features a black silhouette of two pedestrians crossing. It indicates that you’re entering a school zone, requiring you to drive slowly, be cautious, and watch out for children.
  • Flashing School Zone Sign: Resembling a typical school zone sign stacked on top of a speed limit sign, this one has flashing lights on both sides. These lights activate during school hours to remind drivers to maintain the specified speed limit.
  • School Crossing: Rectangular yellow signs with silhouettes of two pedestrians walking indicate an approaching school crossing. Follow the instructions provided by the school safety patroller or crossing guard.

ATS Traffic offers WC Series warning signs for Ontario school zones. All Ontario school zone signs manufactured by ATS Traffic meet and exceed the specifications regulated by Ontario governing bodies.  

As a 3M certified fabricator, ATS Traffic manufactures top-of-the-line school zone signs for Ontario. These signs are deployed in various municipalities across the province, which includes the city of Toronto and parts of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) such as Mississauga, Newmarket, Brampton, Oshawa, and Markham. To increase visibility and enhance pedestrian safety, ATS Traffic recommends Carmanah’s MX Series school zone beacons. 


Carmanah MX Series School Zone Beacons

School zones are busy with on-going traffic at crucial times of the day. To optimize the safety of all road users, you need to maximize motorist compliance by keeping everyone alert. Carmanah R829-MX school zone beacons do exactly that by making the vital elements of a school zone atmosphere hard to miss.  


Build an MX Series School Zone System


High Visibility

MUTCD compliant. LED sign module has 3M High Intensity Prismatic or Diamond Grade retroreflective sheeting and components in addition to consistent flash rate.



MX modules can be remotely pre-programmed and scheduled – whether you have one or one hundred. Make changes quickly and easily from the MX Field App. 


Embedded Connectivity

Free out-of-the-box connectivity embedded within the design that connects locally to MX Field App and remotely to MX Cloud for easy access to system status, settings, and data.


Quick, Sustainable Setup

Right out of the box, MX modules are durable, weatherproof, and solar-powered for year-round sustainability.

Crosswalk Signs in Ontario

ATS Traffic manufactures Ontario crosswalk signs in accordance with provincial specifications in various municipalities. Classified as warning signs, Ontario crosswalk signs are designed to give ample notice to motorists as they enter areas where pedestrian activity is considerably high.


What is an RRFB?

Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacons (RRFB) are used to enhance the visibility of road signage and keep motorists alert in both day and nighttime settings on public roads. Deployed as a traffic calming device to help control the speed of vehicles, RRFBs maximize the safety of all road users by regulating the mobility of traffic as vehicles enter work zones, school zones, or other public settings of high pedestrian activity in municipalities.


Carmanah MX Series Crosswalks

Carmanah MX Line Crosswalks are built with proven technology that optimizes safety at unsignalized crossings. Connected to the MX Cloud, you can gain critical insights with shared street-level data and actionable alert systems programmed with each Carmanah MX Line Crosswalk.


Build an MX Series Crosswalk


Pedestrian Activation Data

Each MX system is connected to the MX Cloud, providing a GPS map and simple data extraction through remote access.


High Visibility

The light flashing bar configuration, beacon module and sign module are all equipped with bright, flashing LED lights powered by sustainable solar energy.


Safety-Enhancing Alerts

Boost site efficiency by receiving automated emails and text alerts through interconnected MX systems, which inform you of performance related issues (dead battery, external impact, etc.).