The City of St. Albert is the second-largest city in the Edmonton Capital region. It is located along the Sturgeon River northwest of the City of Edmonton, and has a population of approximately 65,000.

The City of St. Albert set out to find a cost-effective method to facilitate motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic for numerous outdoor events held throughout the year. These events gather thousands of people, and require strong traffic accommodation plans to effectively manage traffic and ensure both safety and efficiency.


An effective traffic management plan requires contribution from multiple areas. This includes temporary traffic control management expertise, a suite of diverse traffic products, and an experienced labor force of technicians who are familiar with Transportation Association of Canada guidelines.

City engineering staff commonly cover a diverse range of responsibilities, and do not necessarily specialize in temporary traffic accommodation plans for large events. A large team of implementation staff is also required to deploy products and ensure that all traffic management plans are executed correctly. This work can take much longer if staff are inexperienced and inappropriate vehicles are used to transport equipment.

Many of the traffic products required for large events are only required by Cities during these events. Event managers have found that purchasing and storing these items for the remainder of the year became very cost prohibitive. Typically, if signage and delineation products are used less than six months or approximately 144 days a year it is more beneficial to rent products.


The City felt it beneficial to entrust this type of work to an organization experienced in implementing traffic accommodation strategies. Given the City’s traffic management needs, ATS Traffic proposed The Outdoor Events solution. This solution is designed to help communities manage traffic needs during races, concerts, festivals, parades, sporting events, and other large functions.

The Outdoor Events solution provided a complete offering using the ATS Traffic On-Street Services department. We provided traffic management plans that utilize experience from over 50 years of working with communities throughout western Canada. Effective traffic management is a key component for any outdoor event where pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic will interact.

ATS Traffic dispatched their certified lane closure technicians to deploy traffic products that meet all Transportation Association of Canada requirements. These products were rented to the City for short term use, and were then picked up and returned to ATS Traffic by the On-Street Services team.


Traffic and Pedestrian Flow

Since working with ATS Traffic, the City of St. Albert has seen a vast improvement in traffic and pedestrian flow before, during, and after their large events. The City has continued to use ATS services and solutions over the last several years.

Cost Effectiveness

The economic advantage of renting versus purchasing equipment allowed the City to use high quality traffic products for their event management, without the cost of purchase.

Reduction in Liability

Using ATS Traffic’s certified and experienced traffic technicians greatly reduced liability to the City. The years of local experience reduced lane closure times and frustration to residents, and allowed for a successful event while reducing the risk of traffic incidents due to disorganization or congestion.


“The services provided by ATS Traffic have been inclusive of direct communication and collaboration for the full spectrum of event traffic management; from communication with event organizers and stakeholders (inclusive of multi-jurisdiction events that require attention beyond the City’s boundaries), the performance of site inspections and evaluation of requirements for traffic control, the design and final sign off for traffic accommodation plans, the implementation of approved traffic plans and the provision of professional services to perform traffic control (flag-persons provided).

I would highly recommend ATS Traffic for any similar project(s), as they have demonstrated a high level of experience and expertise to successfully complete the provision of special event traffic management for the City of St. Albert.”


Dean Schick, C.E.T
Transportation Manager – City of St. Albert



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