“We needed a new lighting system that could not only adequately light up our pathways at night, but also look aesthetically pleasing to the public eye and beself-sufficient with an environmentally-friendly source of power.”

Sean Goin, Town of Devon”


TownOfDevonThe Town of Devon, Alberta is situated along the banks of the beautiful North Saskatchewan River and is home to breathtaking scenery and unique wildlife in the valley. Fresh water flows freely throughout each season. The population of the town, as of 2020, is approximately 6,698. Most of the Town of Devon’s economy is based in the oil industry, but the Town also plays host to many viable tourist attractions, manufacturing companies, and research facilities. In 1947, Imperial Leduc No. 1 Oil Well struck a major outlet of crude oil. This discovery is firmly embedded within the rich economic history of northern Alberta and is regarded as a crucial operation that sparked a generation of prosperity for the province’s economy and the entire oil industry. Therefore, the Town of Devon’s legacy was forever engraved within the province.


The Town of Devon was in need of an upgrade to their existing lighting fixtures for park infrastructure and pathways. The required project involved the installation of trail lighting all throughout the Town of Devon. Ideas for this initiative came from the work of other surrounding municipalities, such as the City of Wetaskiwin, who installed PBL Top Mount Bollards throughout their establishment. Further to the north, past the City of Edmonton, the Town of Morinville became the first location in Alberta to install shoe box lights in a public setting. With the health of the environment and sustainable practices in mind, the Town of Devon had their sights set on efficient and adaptable technology.

Due to the targeted location for installation being near overhead restrictions such as powerlines, and the presence of pipelines underground, the Town of Devon encountered a few challenges. A dangerous fire hazard was evident and notable obstructions impeded access points. In addition to that, the trees in the area presented an optical issue that would prevent the new solar lighting fixtures from absorbing the necessary amount of rays from the sun to maximize charge. A solution needed to be created so that the lighting fixtures could be installed in a strategic position that would not interfere with any existing infrastructure and emit adequate light. The solution would also have to mitigate vulnerability and exposure to outdoor elements.


FirstLightTo address their infrastructure needs, a call for proposals went out to the public domain. The Town of Devon knew the parameters and specifications they were looking for in pedestrian trail lighting from their personal research. ATS Traffic answered the call with the necessary requirements, expertise, and resources. ATS Traffic is partnered with many different vendors, with whom they work together with closely to provide solutions for various entities across the traffic industry. Working with municipalities and local government is a specialty of ATS Traffic. In this case, one of their proud vendors, First Light Technologies, was the loyal counterpart in the trenches for this project. First Light Technologies products met the required specifications. These products were: SCL-2 Trail Lighting Solar Box Lights and PLB Top Mount Bollards. The bollards were not a listed requirement by the Town of Devon, but were added during the installation process to help reinforce the solar lighting fixtures.

ATS Traffic brought forth an intriguing proposal that accurately highlighted their efficient Installation teams and the benefits of First Light Technologies products. ATS Traffic offered a competitive price point, which fit well with the Town of Devon’s scope. Being a successful traffic control company since 1966, having a proven track record of project implementation, and a good standing with reputable Alberta companies and the Town of Devon, solidified ATS Traffic as the preferred contractor.

The ability to leverage relationships with each entity made for a comfortable workflow and collaboration of ideas and knowledge. The products installed had a unique, award-winning design and architectural look, which reassured confidence in the performance of the SCL-2 Trail Lighting Solar Box Lights and PLB Top Mount Bollards.


The installation process for the SCL-2 Trail Lighting Solar Box Light fixtures and PLB Top Mount Bollards was seamless. This was all because of ATS Traffic’s experienced Installation teams. Timelines for approval of the installation job could have taken much longer had the Installation team not put in a 3½ foot screw pile into the ground. The soil impact was minimal; therefore, the operation did not require major excavation efforts, which was good news for the surrounding natural environment. The depth issue for insertion was properly addressed and rectified. The performance of the added PLB Top Mount Bollards impressed the Town of Devon so much that they ordered more. This was particularly a tremendous surprise as the bollards were not initially requested by the Town of Devon, but the work of ATS Traffic’sInstallation teams and First Light Technologies products shined brightly in a big way.

Technology teams for the Town of Devon had issues with lighting performance after installation was completed. However, because the product was connected as a smart solution, the Town of Devon could troubleshoot accurately by diagnosing the issues and sending the diagnostics to First Light Technologies and ATS Traffic to eradicate any complications. Both organizations delivered reliable customer service throughout the process.

Turnaround times were fast. Each entity was prompt with their reactions to each situation. The level of cooperation, communication, and teamwork among all representatives involved in this project was highly synchronized and transparent. Monthly shipment operations were conducted accordingly with great effort and precision.

From start to finish, everyone was on the same page and as a result, the project was able to be completed in a timely manner. All parties walked away happy and satisfied.


“Our team at the Town of Devon worked synonymously with the teams at ATS Traffic and First Light Technologies. From the planning stages to the installation process, this project was a breeze. It wasn’t our first rodeo with ATS Traffic as we have a good standing business relationship with them in past projects. It was nice to not only work with a familiar face, but also to learn about an entirely new solution, courtesy of ATS Traffic’s impressive vendor, First Light Technologies. We were incredibly satisfied from start to finish.”

Sean Goin (P. Tech. Eng) Manager of Infrastructure Town of Devon

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