Why Fit your Street Lights with Data Collection Sensors 

IntelliTrafik and ATS Traffic are helping municipalities make better, data-driven decisions around infrastructure and the environment. With the option of either traffic counting/speed radar units or air quality sensors available, you’ll receive the comprehensive product training and data analysis report that fits your department’s requirements and priorities. Let’s shine a light on the potential of your road networks.

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What to expect as part of the program

  • Up to 5 Liveable Cities sensors will be provided by IntelliTrafik
  • Our team will work with your street light provider and your team to install and configure the sensors
  • Radar insights include traffic counting, on demand traffic study data, speed mapping traffic flow analysis, and more
  • Air Quality insights include data for PM2.5 &PM10, O3, SO2, NOx and others

Support at Every Step
Our IntelliTrafik experts will work alongside you and your team throughout. We will provide product training as well as the data collection and report generation support. Liveable Cities is a proud Canadian company and their team will also be on standby for support.

Terms & Conditions: ATS Traffic will provide a detailed quote to you prior to implementation of the free trial, for acceptance and approval. Municipality is responsible for installation/removal related costs. Pilot does not include any charges for power consumption or utility charges that maybe applied by third parties. If at the end of the 90-day trial term it is deemed not feasible for your community, you may return the sensors at no charge. If you decide these sensors are providing value, ATS Traffic will then begin invoicing from that date for the amount agreed upon at the quoting stage. Additional Terms & Conditions may apply.