Traffic signal sensors have the capacity to read and detect a variety of different roadway elements. Whether you are managing an event or doing crucial city planning, it is vital to know the volume and scalability of traffic flow. This is possible through vehicle detection technologies. Knowing how many vehicles enter a specific area on a daily basis can go a long way in improving the general functionality and safety of your infrastructure.

Overheight Vehicle Detection

Overheight detection can be deployed in applications such as bridges, tunnels, railroads, car carriers, and equipment yards.

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Radar Detection

Radar detectors are non-invasive, easy to install, and accurate.

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Video & LiDAR Detection

Road traffic video technology is a non-intrusive system that serves to detect the movement of identifiable entities that inhabit the road, which in return is used to generate informed decisions that can enhance safety measures, increase the efficiency of traffic flow, and manage deployed assets.

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Surface Sensors

Surface sensors include temporary and permanent solutions for gathering traffic data. Inductive loops are placed in the pavement, while temporary sensors can be installed and removed easily with no damage to the road surface. 

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Data Collection Services

ATS Traffic has the technological capabilities and expertise to gather data and convert it to an efficient traffic solution that will enhance your infrastructure. We have the knowledge and experience to give you exactly the traffic data you need. 


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Traffic Detection

Traffic detection systems can sense, count, and send messages to people in motion. Traffic Detection can help you understand who’s accessing certain areas and respond to those users. Need to know how many pedestrians are visiting a particular park or how many cyclists use a certain path? Want to know when a road is busiest so you can plan for construction crews?

With a full traffic detection system in place, you can find out just about anything you need. We use products like cycle counters, pedestrian counters, license plate recognition, and stop bar detection to create feedback systems. These systems register motion and trigger resulting actions, such as alerting drivers when a caribou is crossing a highway. Whatever information you’re looking for, we can help you collect it and apply it to your traffic needs. They’re especially important for getting emergency response and public transit vehicles through intersections, which improves safety and reduces the risk of disastrous delays.

We can integrate any of our systems with message boards to communicate the information you gather. For example, if a driver is travelling over the speed limit, your system can detect it and trigger the board with a message to slow down. If traffic is moving more slowly, the board can alert drivers of the delay and tell them how long it’ll take to reach their destination.

Vehicle Counting

Traffic count data analysis is a useful tool. We carry vehicle counting products from Sensys, Smartmicro, and DataCollect, including two types of radar detectors: Doppler and RTMS. Doppler pings when it detects a vehicle of any size, while RTMS lays a curtain across the road to determine a vehicle’s type and speed. RTMS can grade up to 16 lanes at a time with 99% accuracy. Traffic congestion data can be obtained through vehicle counting and serve well to reduce congestion of roadways with clear insights in traffic volume.

Vehicle Classification

Our vehicle classification products can identify certain types of vehicles or visitors. Whether it’s a car, motorcycle, bus, semi, cyclist, or pedestrian, we can tell you exactly how many are passing through a specific area. We carry a full range of classification devices that carry out effective traffic data services for public traffic data.

Speed Detection

Our speed detection systems can connect with Bluetooth to determine specific, highest, and lowest speeds. When it detects high or low speeds, the system can display how fast the driver’s going or flash a message telling them to adjust their speed. We have over 200 movable radar units that are often used in school zones and industrial areas. Using this technology as traffic safety data is a huge contribution to road functionality and monitoring.

Height Detection

Drivers can’t always know in advance if their vehicle will clear a height like the bottom of a bridge or the top of a parkade. Our vehicle height detectors are placed before the entrance at the maximum safe height. If the vehicle is too high, the system will warn drivers in advance so they can find a better route.