The Oil, Gas & Utilities solution is designed to handle the transportation challenges of resource and utility companies like oil, gas, hydro, electrical, rail, and forestry. No matter where in the world you operate, we have a complete collection of products and services to handle all your traffic needs. If your company operates near a road or needs to manage facility access, bring us your problem and we’ll design a system to solve it.


Project Management

We can work with you to solve any problem, no matter how long or difficult the project. Using our consultative process from start to finish, we can accurately predict which products and services you’ll need at each stage of construction. We can also work with communities, contractors, and regional authorities to coordinate any permits, inspections, or PR you might need.

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On-Street Services

If a downed power line or broken water main forces you to divert traffic, we’re the ones you call. Our technicians can develop your traffic management plan (TMP) or traffic accommodation strategy (TAS). Then our trained crews can put those plans into action through roadside setups, detours, and flagging with help from the industry’s best equipment. Our full range of services includes lane closures, rentals, drafting, consultation, installation, and maintenance — all under one roof.

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Traffic Instruments

Our full range of traffic equipment covers everything from basic delineation for a lane closure to directional signage for a long stretch of highway. We have access to some of the traffic industry’s best products, including cable cone stands, delineation, crash attenuation, road markings and trenching. We have it all, and we can use it to keep workers safe on site.


Need wayfinding signs on site? We’re your one-stop shop for temporary and permanent signs of every shape and size. We can design, manufacture, deliver, install, warranty, and even maintain a custom inventory of signs just for your business. Our inventory includes mounting systems, hardware, and all kinds of options for every product we sell.

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Cable Cone Stands

The cable cone stand is an exclusive ATS Traffic product manufactured by Norwesco. As the designer and patent holder, we’re the only company in Canada that sells it. We designed the stand to support trailing electrical cables on mining and utility sites, but there’s no wrong way to use it.

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Advanced Technology

As the only Ver-Mac product supplier in western Canada, we have access to the industry’s latest electrical and solar technology. We use arrow boards, signs, crossing signals, light towers, and other advanced technologies to create smart work zones and intelligent transportation systems. These systems are designed to capture information, interpret it, and communicate with the public to change the flow of traffic.

Traffic Detection

Traffic detection devices track people and vehicles in motion. We use products like cycle counters, pedestrian counters, license plate recognition, and stop bar detection to create feedback systems. These systems register motion and trigger resulting actions, such as turning on the lights when a truck stops on a weigh scale. We carry some of the industry’s top brands, like GTT, Sensys, Houston Radar, and Speed-Mac.

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Access Control

Whether your facility is open to  everyone or just a select few, you need to control how drivers are getting in and out. We provide kiosks, gates, and parking access controls from top industry brands like Canada Kiosk, Magnetic Autocontrol, and Tagmaster North America. This keeps the facility under your control whether you’re there or not.

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