Keep motorists safe, informed, and traveling efficiently

When the goal is to get motorists through your project site, Smart Work Zones minimize inconvenience and maximize safety. Smart Work Zones use the latest traffic control technology to provide real-time information to motorists and reduce the risk of accidents.

ATS Traffic carries a range of portable and permanent traffic control equipment with smart capabilities: detection, interpretation, and automation. 

What is a Smart Work Zone?

Detection, Interpretation, Automation

Smart Work Zones are the next step in construction site traffic management; they collect data, analyze it, and relay relevant information to motorists in real time. Each project is unique; ATS Traffic can work with you to configure and implement site-specific solutions that optimize worker safety.

All Smart Work Zone equipment is linked through Jamlogic Fleet Management Software; this allows the user to monitor, maintain, and manage traffic control equipment from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Smart Equipment

  • Portable Changeable Message Boards: These are electronic signs used in traffic work zones. They display messages to drivers and pedestrians, and their content can be easily updated and changed in real-time using software.
  • Arrowboards: These are trailer or truck-mounted signs that communicate lane closures and directional information in real-time.
  • Traffic signals: Portable devices to manage traffic flow at intersections or through one-way construction zones. 
  • Camera trailers: Capture visual data to analyze traffic flow.
  • Automated Flagger Assistance Device: Automated devices equipped with a gate arm and lights. They improve work zone safety by providing traffic control without putting a flagger in harm’s way. 

Smart Work Zone applications include:

Intersection conflict areas

Warn motorist of the possibility of vehicles crossing, or automate a traffic light/flagger system when you’re reduced to one lane. Using smart tech improves worker safety and reduces capacity for human error.


Automated queue warnings

Help motorists anticipate upcoming traffic situations. Queue detection is key to Smart Work Zones. Detection technology can determine queue length, then connected smart message boards can help motorists anticipate upcoming traffic situations. 


Travel time/alternate route messaging

Provide motorists with the information they need to select an alternate route and prevent unexpected back-ups.

Where can Smart Work Zones be implemented?


Construction Projects

Ensure drivers navigate easily and efficiently through your work zone, while keeping workers safe. 



Remote programming ensures urgent messages are instantly visible. Manage changes to traffic patterns easily and efficiently.



Communicate with road users and pedestrians to keep them informed of any new traffic patterns, parking availability, or closures. 

What are the advantages of Smart tech in traffic equipment?


Data Collection

Vehicle detection, GPS, radar, and more can combine to give you a clear and accurate picture of your work zone and the road users passing through.


Remote Fleet Management

All Smart Work Zone equipment can be linked through Fleet Management Software; this allows the user to monitor, maintain, and manage traffic control equipment from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


Automations & Scheduling

Keep workers out of harm’s way with smart scheduling and automations that save time and money.