What is Physical Access Control Systems?

Access control security can easily be overlooked. Having a reliable access control system for your facility is essential for maintaining a fully functional parking lot. It gives substantial reinforcement to all your infrastructure. You don’t want areas with high traffic volume to become congested and inaccessible. To retain accessibility and the flow of traffic, you need an effective access control entry system to maximize your space and regulate all “enter” and “exit” points in your parking lot.

Access Control System: How it Works

With the ability to track and control all vehicle entries and exits, security measures are customizable according to the makeup of your facility. These systems give the power of structural control and traffic flow to you alone, and it does not matter if you are inside the building or outside of it. You will remain content knowing that commercial building access control systems are keeping everything and everyone safe, secure, and mobile.

IntelliTrafik Solutions

IntelliTrafik provides automatic gate opening and closing systems and integrated security gate access control systems from industry-leading brands that provide effective solutions for facilities of any scale. A prevalent feature common with many types of access control systems is an automatic gate. These systems are used for a variety of purposes and settings that include:

  • Residential Access Control Systems
  • Security Gate Access Control Systems
  • Building Security Access Control Systems
  • Commercial Access Control Systems
  • Door Access Control Systems

Access control barriers, Magnetic access control systems, and RFID based access control systems are offered exclusively through our premiere vendors:

  • Tagmaster
  • Magnetic AutoControl

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