Gain more control and sharable insights with smart parking systems from IntelliTrafik

Smart parking systems can increase the utilization, efficiency, and safety of your organization’s parking lot. IntelliTrafik can design a custom parking management system that combines monitoring, process and information sharing to tell drivers which parking spots are available — in real time.

Using our consultative process and advanced assessment tools, our team can design and install a parking system that brings more control to you and makes the most of your space. Enhance existing infrastructure and combine parking intelligence solutions into a complete smart management system to address your parking needs.

  • Weight-Triggered Parking Solution
  • Parking Insights
  • Detection
  • Non-Intrusive Video-Based Parking Solutions
  • Custom Video and Security Solutions
  • Lighting
  • Counting & Guidance
  • Smart Signage & Lot Accessories
  • Pavement Markings

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