It can be difficult to know what signs are out there, especially in large regions and remote areas. This minor inconvenience becomes a major concern if a sign disappears and someone is injured or killed as a result. You need to ensure that your signs are visible, reflective, and present where you need them. Work with us and we’ll take the hassle and liability out of managing your sign inventory.


When you first start a sign inventory with us, we’ll visit each of your signs and evaluate its condition. We can also begin in the initial manufacturing stage by measuring and tagging a sign as it’s produced. We know how long each sign lasts and keep detailed records of where it goes. Every year when it’s time to report on your assets, we check the signs that are reaching the end of their life cycles and report back to you.


There’s no need to send out crews to evaluate your region’s signs when our reporting vehicle can do it for you. As it drives, the vehicle scans to create a laser-imaged map. This tells us where each sign is and how reflective the surface is. The vehicle also takes photos to verify the sign is there and evaluate its surroundings for visual concerns like nearby trees or overhanging power wires.


You need an accurate inventory and a dollar amount for tax purposes. Our report will show you which signs are in good condition, which signs we recommend replacing, and which signs must be replaced. This gives you a complete list of the signs you need to buy this year and tells you how much to budget. We have the same list, so once you give the go-ahead, we can start manufacturing your new signs.


When a sign is down or needs to be replaced, we know exactly which one and where it is. We have your inventory in place and all the specifications needed to quickly and easily replace the sign. You don’t need to send out crews to install the new signs, either: we can do that, too.