Equipment Rentals & Traffic Control in Prince George

ATS Traffic is proud to announce that we’ve expanded our equipment rentals and traffic control services to Prince George, BC. We’re bringing our professional On-Street Service teams to the area, drawing on over 55 years of traffic safety expertise. ATS Traffic brings knowledge, experience, and resources to meet the traffic control needs of the community. ATS Traffic can help you push Safety Forward through rentals, installation, traffic management plans and event coordination.

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Rent Traffic Control & Safety Equipment in Prince George

Work Zone Signage & Delineators

Work zone signage and delineation is integral to keeping work crews and road users safe. On busy roads, drivers need as much warning and information as possible to make the right decisions about speed, merging and braking. Delineators help guide the flow of traffic away from work crews and signage gives important context for the road conditions ahead.  


Construction Zone Signage

Construction zone signage is specifically designed to keep road users and workers safe when normal road conditions are changed. ATS Traffic ensures that all our signs are made with 3M Diamond-Grade sheeting to the highest standards and quality and meets all government requirements. You can browse all our standard signs for British Columbia on our online store.  


Barriers, Barricades, Traffic Cones, and More

ATS Traffic stocks barriers, barricades, traffic cones and more. Physical barriers reduce the chance of injury to road users and pedestrians. ATS Traffic offers both temporary and permanent barricades and barriers with an extensive rental service for cones and pylons, find out more on our Equipment Rentals page.  


Ver-Mac Arrow Boards & Message Boards

ATS Traffic’s Ver-Mac Arrow & Message Board fleet provides an extensive smart work zone system for message control, inventory management and data collection. Combining the durable utility of Ver-Mac’s boards with the JamLogic software suite, ATS Traffic’s smart work zone solutions can be customized to fit your needs. Find out more here.


Special Event Traffic Equipment

Manage Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic

Special events require extensive planning and management to ensure attendees and road users are kept safe before and after the event. Without clear signage, delineation, and safety barriers the risk for injury among attendees can be high. Events are safest when there are clearly marked movement paths and separations between pedestrians and the road.


Traffic Control Services in Prince George

Traffic Control for Construction Zones

Traffic Control Plans

ATS Traffic’s traffic control plans are designed by our expert team to suite each project’s budget, time frame and local regulations. This includes hands-on feedback, coordinating with contractors, providing tender information, and arranging for equipment rentals to fulfill the plan. Find out more and contact us to get started.  


Traffic Control Specialists & Flagging in Work Zones

ATS Traffic’s On-Street Service is our nation-wide teams of Traffic Control Technicians and Flaggers. Our TCPs receive extensive safety and procedure training with strict guidelines and standards, equipped to handle multiple traffic scenarios: lane closures, installations, construction zone flagging, emergency traffic control, and more.

Traffic Control for Events

Flagging & Traffic Control

Flagging and traffic control requires concentration, awareness, and experience to prevent collisions and ensure smooth traffic flow. Placing our trained staff on-site improves road user, pedestrian, and work crew safety. ATS Traffic ensures our flaggers and technicians have comprehensive knowledge of the area being controlled, the appropriate directions and the equipment to communicate with road users. All these details are crucial to the proper operation of special event traffic control. Contact us for more information on how we can help manage your next project.