Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Corridors

Pedestrian safety products are vital for roadway systems for obvious reasons. You can never be too careful when proceeding through a pedestrian activated crosswalk. These pedestrian corridors require an acute sense of awareness, both as a bystander on the sidewalk and as a motorist. Advanced engineering and the strategical deployment of traffic technology can break any communication barrier existing on the road and mitigate hazardous factors that cause discrepancies on the roadway.

Pedestrian Crosswalk

A pedestrian crossing sign with an illuminated pedestrian crossing light is an effective, highly visible traffic safety solution for pedestrian corridors. This sign is code for, “staying alert and stopping.” Pedestrian crossing warning lights are visible from afar as motorists approach a pedestrian crossing system on a busy public roadway. These signs allow motorists to plan ahead of time, as a pedestrian crosswalk ahead sign gives a preliminary warning for motorists approaching an active pedestrian corridor.

We carry a wide range of products that are tailored specifically to intersection safety and pedestrian corridors. These areas are generally ridden with high traffic volume, both on the road and on the sidewalk where a pedestrian crossing is present.

IntelliTrafik Solutions

We offer high quality pedestrian traffic control solutions that provide optimal pedestrian safety on the roads.

  • Pedestrian Warning Systems and Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs)
  • One of the products we carry is rectangular rapid flashing beacon pedestrian crosswalk systems by AVAILED Technologies.
  • Carmanah

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