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ATS Traffic is proud to partner with Cubic GRIDSMART to provide complimentary intersection site surveys for Canadian municipalities.

After your personalized virtual demo, we’ll provide you with an actionable road map that addresses intersection efficiency, visibility, and safety.

Signal Phasing Software

Trafficware SynchroGreen is an Adaptive Signal Control Technology that serves as an advanced traffic data collection tool for targeted intersections. Upon deployment, the technology can then analyze traffic data to identify unique trends in traffic behavior and has the ability to distinguish signal phasing in real time. SynchroGreen improves travel time and environmental sustainability in all communities.  



Intersection Controller

Trafficware COMMANDER ATC Controller is a traffic device that gives you full control of an intersection. This intersection controller provides unparalleled performance for traffic control signal applications. Offering modern innovative preemption solutions to your intersection, this traffic signal controller is a product of revolutionary electrical and industrial design, built with meticulous software engineering that exceeds the latest NEMA and ATC standards. Its storage capacity (up to 8GB) is vast and has a user-friendly graphical interface for easy navigation.

Intersection Camera

GRIDSMART GS3 Processor and Bell Camera are the perfect combination of efficient power and top-level vision. The Bell Camera is an intersection camera that uses vision-based tracking and a fisheye lens to provide a distinct horizonal view of intersections as vehicles enter and exit. The GS3 Processor powers the digital computer vision engine housed inside the Bell Camera. Having these advanced cameras on traffic lights gives an expanded view of the centre of the intersection and consistently captures turning movement counts of all vehicles. A cutting edge, leading industry intersection safety camera powered by GRIDSMART technology, the Bell Camera captures everything you need to fully optimize the safety and effectiveness of your intersection.

ATS Traffic offers different solutions for Smart Intersections and Adaptive Corridors. For additional information on our different solution view our Smart Intersection and Adaptive Corridors page, click here to view.