Transform your roads into integrated smart systems to add layers of efficiency and safety. The IntelliTrafik team designs and implements solutions to capture insights, store data and connect key intersections and corridors. These solutions are climate tested and customizable for enhanced monitoring capabilities.

We will work with you to program the parameters that suit the unique needs of your roadway or intersection such as rush hour lane control using adaptive corridors.

Besides capturing data and communicating with vehicles, our pre-emption intersection equipment is connected to the GPS signal of priority vehicles. Once activated, the controller cycles to grant a green light to the requesting vehicle or holds the green, allowing the vehicle to pass through the intersection.

From priority vehicles to traffic congestion or incident mitigation, municipalities across Canada trust our solutions to help people get home safety, every day. Our experienced technicians utilize the latest technology from leaders of smart intersections to give unobstructed control by leveraging the power of automation and data.

IntelliTrafik Smart Intersections and Adaptive Corridors solutions:

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