IntelliTrafik Smart City Development & Technology Solutions

ATS Traffic has been providing quality traffic safety services for nearly twenty years and has the resources to produce the industry’s finest traffic control strategies and plans. The IntelliTrafik Consulting Division of ATS Traffic, offers niche traffic safety consulting services to road authorities, municipalities, and contractors, with an emphasis on quality, technology, and world-class customer service. IntelliTrafik is focused on the future of transportation and offers services that compliment smart city infrastructure and vulnerable road user considerations.

Creating Smarter Cities

ATS Traffic works with cities and municipalities across Canada to implement “smart” applications. According to the World Health Organization, 50 percent of the world’s population lives in cities, and this population is growing by nearly 2 percent every year (on average). The rise of urban living is undoubtedly having an influence on the safety and efficiency of our transport systems. With the amount of technology available, municipalities and cities can get ahead of traffic management and risk mitigation by investing in smart city technology and utilizing open data platforms. Canadian roadways continue to be plagued with traffic incidents resulting in death or serious injury, with an average of nearly 2000 fatalities a year. This is a crucial area for smart traffic control to have a direct impact on the safety of your residents. The Canadian government recently funded a $75 million-dollar national Smart Cities Challenge to support municipalities in their efforts to become more connected. We can help guide you as to which systems would be the most effective and economic for your budget!

What is a Smart City?

A Smart City is an umbrella of terms used to describe the act of designing a city or an urban development that is more agile and sustainable to support life – in areas cutting across roads, traffic control, sewer systems, security, health and all other aspects of technology. In other words, creating smart cities utilizing technology to improve the lives of residents.

What Technologies Do Smart Cities Use?

There are several components that factor into what makes a city ‘smart’ when it comes to traffic management. They include: