People visiting another province want to enjoy everything it has to offer. Tourism highway signs help them do just that. Single- and multi-panel signs help passing drivers find businesses, provincial facilities, visitor information centres, and other attractions in communities like yours.

Alberta has already replaced their brown signs with blue ones. Other provinces may do the same in the next few years. The new information is simple to understand and uses standard symbols for common attractions like campgrounds and museums. This makes it easier than ever for people to get where they’re going.

We’re the only government-approved provider of tourism signage in western Canada. The Tourism Highway Signage program is an opportunity for your community to have signs near major highways and encourage people to visit. We’ll take you all the way from your application to manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Your highway signage isn’t just a product: it’s full service for five years.

Is your community eligible?


Single Signs

If your community is rural or has under 25,000 people, these tourist attractions could be eligible for highway signage.

  • Outdoor activities and recreation
  • Heritage and historical attractions
  • Cultural attractions
  • Local entertainment
  • Natural attractions
  • Educational experiences
  • Alternate tourist accommodations
  • Tourist retail opportunities


Multi-panel Signs

Multi-panel signs are designed with three, six, or nine panels that display a business’s logo. These signs identify services that drivers should know about. If a local business meets the requirements below, it could be featured on a multi-panel sign.

  • Provides an essential service
  • Is open to the general public
  • Complies with all health, safety, and business laws
  • Maintains washrooms to public health standards
  • Provides good parking
  • Located within community limits

Why should you join the program?