Traffic Video Detection System

The phrase, “keeping your eyes on the road” takes on a whole new meaning with the advancement of video technology for traffic management. Road traffic video technology is a non-intrusive system that serves to detect the movement of identifiable entities that inhabit the road, which in return is used to generate informed decisions that can enhance safety measures, increase the efficiency of traffic flow, and manage deployed assets.

LiDAR is utilized by transportation engineers and by the IntelliTrafik team to gather intel on roads, through any road traffic video, to extract key infrastructure data as well as deployed signs and traffic equipment for inventorying and asset extraction through traffic video analysis software. A traffic video detection system can give you a whole new perspective on the way you see the road.

Video and LiDAR Services from IntelliTrafik:

  • Asset Extraction and Inventorying
  • Traffic Data Collection and Analysis
  • Temporary Conflict Analysis
  • Non-Intrusive Video-Based Parking Solutions
  • Smart Work Zone Video Solutions
  • Wrong-Way Detection
  • Detection Solutions
  • Custom Video and Security Solutions

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IntelliTrafik Solutions

Advances in video technology can be harvested to gather data and detect trends in high-risk traffic areas. These non-intrusive systems can be targeted to capture movement specifically configured for the insights you need to make decisions that can make traffic flow more efficiently and prioritizing safety enhancements.